When you have to put up with a Bosch Kettle Moraine Appliance deal

When you’ve got to deal with a bunch of cheap appliances and you’re looking for the best deal, you might have to look at Bosch’s Kettle Morton appliances.You can save on the KettleMoraine range if you want the best price, quality and warranty.But if you’re a Boschi owner, then you’re going to need to put […] →Read more

A new breed of appliance paint: Dons Appliances

Dons appliances, or dons appliances as they’re sometimes called, are the latest innovation in the art of making paint.The paint is produced by spraying paint onto a plastic substrate.It’s used by dons of all ages and backgrounds, from the elderly to the homeless.But dons paint is a great way to bring back the classic and […] →Read more

Kitchen appliances repair

A new article on the FourFourSecond website is now available.The article discusses how to get the most out of your kitchen appliances and how to choose the best kit to fit your kitchen.Read more about this article here.A new article has been published on the site that is currently available.It explains how to set up […] →Read more

How to fix your microwave, microwave oven and microwave oven ovens

When I was a kid, I would love to buy a new microwave oven.I was obsessed with getting one, even going to the hardware store to pick up a box of old ones to make my own.But I always ended up spending a lot more than I expected on it, and after spending a few […] →Read more

Why Amazon wants a new appliance factory

An Amazon.com warehouse warehouse is the latest tenant to join a growing list of appliance manufacturers seeking to open new factories in New York State.The New York Post reported Thursday that Amazon has applied to the state to open a factory in Brooklyn.The state is currently home to more than 600 manufacturing facilities and has […] →Read more

Lowes, Appliance Dealers to Sell Appliance Repairs for $4.99 per Unit

The Lowes Appliance Dealer Group will be selling appliances for $5.99 a unit from March 15 to May 19.The price will be $4 per unit in addition to a monthly fee.Lowes said the deal will allow customers to “get the most value for their money.”“This is a great opportunity to save on the cost of […] →Read more

Which of these top-selling brands is making the most money?

The bottom line: The bottom lines of a lot of the companies listed in this article.But for the most part, these companies are making the same money as they did last year.The good news is that some of the big players are making a lot more money, too. →Read more

What if the Indian government’s goal is to eliminate blackouts by 2020?

India’s government is planning to launch the world’s first national blackout date for electricity supply by 2030, but the blackout dates have been plagued by problems over the years, prompting some to question whether the goal is feasible.The government is set to unveil a new target for energy consumption by 2030 on Thursday, the Financial […] →Read more

Big Chill Appliances: Menards Appliance Center Maumee is Closing

Big Chill appliances have been at the center of a contentious discussion in the Illinois Legislature since a recent budget cut forced the store to close.The debate is expected to continue in the legislature, where Gov.Pat Quinn announced Wednesday he plans to sign a bill banning big chill appliances, saying they’re a menace to public […] →Read more