Big Chill Appliances: Menards Appliance Center Maumee is Closing

Big Chill appliances have been at the center of a contentious discussion in the Illinois Legislature since a recent budget cut forced the store to close.

The debate is expected to continue in the legislature, where Gov.

Pat Quinn announced Wednesday he plans to sign a bill banning big chill appliances, saying they’re a menace to public health and public safety.

Big Chill Appliance, located at 516 N. Clark St., has been open since 2007.

It is a chain of convenience stores that offers the hottest products in the nation.

A statement from the store said the company was making a “significant investment” in a “modern, state-of-the-art” facility that would provide a more efficient operation and better service.

The chain announced the closure of its store after the budget cut was implemented in the budget of the Illinois General Assembly.

It also announced that it would no longer accept credit card payments at the store, which is located at the intersection of Clark and Belmont streets.

The company said it was making changes to its inventory in order to better meet customer demand.