Why Amazon wants a new appliance factory

An Amazon.com warehouse warehouse is the latest tenant to join a growing list of appliance manufacturers seeking to open new factories in New York State.

The New York Post reported Thursday that Amazon has applied to the state to open a factory in Brooklyn.

The state is currently home to more than 600 manufacturing facilities and has become a hub for the construction of new warehouses for the global online retailer.

Amazon is currently looking to hire up to 10,000 workers at its new Brooklyn warehouse and expects to begin production of its new products in 2019.

The company plans to employ an additional 500,000 people in the next five years.

The company announced in December that it will begin building a new warehouse in Brooklyn with the intent to eventually open two other new facilities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The Post also reported on Wednesday that Amazon is looking to build an assembly line in the New Jersey suburbs of Hoboken and Hoboken, New Jersey.