Charlotte appliance repair

A new report from Charlotte appliance manufacturer LG says it’s now cheaper to repair and replace Charlotte appliances with other brands than to buy a brand new one.

The report says that since 2016, LG has been reducing its warranty costs by up to 20% for some of its brand-new appliances.LG said in a statement that it’s reducing warranty costs on some of the most popular brands because customers have been requesting LG’s latest, most energy-efficient appliances, which are less expensive.

“The low-cost offerings of LG have been very popular with customers,” said John Schaffner, president of LG’s Consumer Business division.

“LG has been the leader in the market with a wide array of energy-saving appliances, and these are some of our most popular models, and they have become very affordable for consumers.”

The report comes after LG reported last week that it has surpassed the record set last year for the number of Charlotte consumers who purchased an LG appliance.

In 2016, the company said that it sold more than 8.2 million appliances to Charlotte households.

The Charlotte-based company said it plans to sell more energy-efficiency appliances in 2017.

The company said the average price for an energy-savings appliance in the Charlotte area is about $250 less than it was last year, which is well below the average for the Charlotte region.

The new report comes as LG is continuing to expand its product portfolio and expand its Charlotte distribution center.

The Charlotte-area plant was built in 2009, and is the largest plant in the United States.