How Dell appliances, software, and parts company Dell Appliances is suing Amazon for allegedly stealing intellectual property and violating its trademark in a bid to compete with Amazon’s cloud computing platform.

Dell Appliance, a hardware manufacturer and software maker, is seeking unspecified damages and unspecified injunctive relief, the company told the Washington Post in a filing on Monday.

Dell Appliants is also seeking unspecified injunctions and damages for breach of contract, trademark infringement, breach of warranty, breach, and breach of implied warranty.

In an official statement to Business Insider, Dell Appliant said it believes that Amazon infringes its trademarks, including the “Dell” brand, “Amazon” brand and “Davids” brand.

Dell Appliance claims Amazon “has infringed and is infringing upon Dell’s trademarked name, logo, brand name and trade dress in the United States, the Caribbean, Europe and the rest of the world.”

Dell’s complaint seeks unspecified monetary damages, unspecified injunsions, and unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

Dell says Amazon has infringed Dell’s copyrights and trademarks in Europe and in the rest, of the worlds, including India, Indonesia, South Africa, and Brazil.

Davies has been making its own hardware since the 1980s, but in 2017 it bought a majority stake in Amazon.

The company’s cloud-based operating system, named Amazon Web Services, has become the industry standard.

Dill Appliance’s lawsuit alleges that Amazon has created an unfair competitive advantage by licensing its products and services and by making products and products services available to Dell customers.

It also alleges that Dell’s products and/or services are proprietary and cannot be licensed to third parties without Dell’s authorization.

The lawsuit says Dell has been the subject of an antitrust investigation by the Federal Trade Commission, which has issued subpoenas to Dell’s executives.

The company says Amazon’s alleged conduct and practice “have materially and adversely affected the competitive position of Dell Appli… and other companies in the Dell Appliat… market.”

Davises complaint says Amazon infringed the “dollars” trademark and other intellectual property rights and is violating Dell Appliers trademarks and trade name.

It seeks unspecified injurys, unspecified compensative and punitive costs, and injunctions for violation of its trademark and trade mark rights.

Dell said it is confident that its allegations will be substantiated and will be upheld.