How to watch ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and get a ‘Beautiful’ box deal from Amazon

The first trailer for ‘Beauties and the Beasts’ has gone viral and got a lot of attention on social media.

The movie, which is set to release in the US on May 26, follows a group of young girls in the Belle Isle neighborhood who are trapped in a castle.

The first box deal was announced by Lowe’s for the movie, but is now offering a discount on the film to subscribers of the company’s Lowe’s Home Improvement channel.

This is a first for Lowe’s, and we can only imagine that it will be a huge hit with the rest of the entertainment industry.

The price of the box includes a copy of ‘Beautys and the Creatures’ and a free 30-day trial of the new Beauty and the Brave movie.

You can also get the film in HD and on Amazon Prime Video for $29.99.

You’ll get two free tickets to ‘Beautylove’ (a film that stars Emma Watson) and two free trials of ‘The Brave.’

You can also find the discounted film in the Amazon Prime Instant Video catalog, and in the U.S. you can purchase it from the Amazon Video App.