How a German company is making a big bet on AI-driven factories

German appliance manufacturer AGGgenau is investing $3 billion in a factory warehouse in China to make its robots better at assembling food, washing dishes and packaging products.

The new facility, a partnership between the company and China’s Dongfeng Group, will create thousands of jobs in the industry and help the company to improve productivity, according to the company.

The company will also build a robotics research and development center in Shanghai to help develop robots that can better understand and manipulate the materials and processes they are using.

AGG, which has a workforce of about 200,000, has long sought to improve its robots’ ability to understand the intricacies of manufacturing processes, so they can do more efficient and effective work.

The move comes at a time when manufacturers and robotics experts are questioning whether machines can do all the work humans are supposed to do.

The automation debate is in its early stages, and there are plenty of challenges that still need to be solved.

The world of robot manufacturing is very different from that of manufacturing in manufacturing plants that produce things like computers, but the future of automation is certainly in our own hands, experts say.