How to install and manage your own smart home hub with Alexa in minutes

In this article, you’ll learn how to use your own Amazon Echo to control your smart home, from your phone to a thermostat.

If you’re using the Alexa skill on your phone, it will use Google Home to control all your devices, and you can even use your voice to control the thermostats.

It’s the perfect Alexa skill to have at home.

How do I install and use it?

Follow these steps: Open the Alexa app on your smartphone.

Select the Echo app icon in the Alexa menu.

Tap the settings button in the upper-right corner.

Select “Amazon Alexa.”

Follow the instructions to install the app.

What if I want to control more than one Alexa device?

You can also create a group of devices to control with just one voice command.

Tap “Group” in the bottom-right of the Alexa home screen.

From the group, tap “Alexa” and then tap “Group.”

From here, you can set up groups for different devices.

Tap and hold on any of the devices to see their individual settings.

Tap on the “Alexas” icon in your home screen to bring up Alexa.

If Alexa recognizes you as an individual, you will see the device in the list of available devices.

If not, tap the device’s name to see its options.

If it supports the Alexa Skill, it’ll show the Alexa Skills tab on the Home screen.

If the device supports the Echo Skills, you might see the Echo Devices tab in the Home Screen.

If so, you need to select it to get to the Alexa settings page.

The settings page is a home screen where you can configure Alexa to be able to control any of your devices.

How to set up the smart home You can create groups of devices for different use cases, such as: Home automation: Alexa can be controlled by setting up devices that can be used as a gateway for other devices, such in a home theater, for example.

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