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Best Buy announced this morning that it would no longer offer its brand-new GE Appliances line of appliance products in Canada. 

The decision came as a result of concerns that GE was using its brand name to market its new products. 

For years, GE had been selling the GE Appliance line of home appliances in Canada, including the GE SmartThings home security system and the GE Select Home Home security system. 

But the GE appliance line is no longer available to purchase and consumers were unable to find them in stores. 

In a press release, Best Buy said: This is a difficult time for all of us at Best Buy.

The GE Appliant Home Security System is the company’s latest in a line of consumer products that have come under scrutiny for questionable marketing. 

We want to reassure consumers that we will continue to offer GE Appliants at our locations.

We will continue our partnership with Best Buy to bring new GE Applients to the Canadian market and in-store. 

More on the GE announcement: The GE SmartHome Home Security system is no more in Canada and is no long a part of the company. 

Best Buy is no better for its brand image in the US, but there are other brands it does have that are also losing out. 

Earlier this year, Home Depot announced that it was no longer selling the SmartHome products that it had been offering for years. 

And in June, Sears announced that the company was no more selling the popular GE SmartBands and that they would no more carry the GE brand name. 

Last year, Lowe’s said it would not carry the brand name of its home security systems, and Sears is also not selling the Home Security product line. 

Here’s the list of products that are no longer sold by Best Buy in Canada: Bestbuy SmartBanners SmartHome Security System SmartBands SmartThings SmartWatches SmartBed SmartWall SmartSecurity SmartWatch SmartCard SmartSpotlights SmartCars SmartFridges SmartGarages SmartLighting SmartStoves SmartVacuum SmartTires SmartWaterFridgesSmartBaskets SmartGifts SmartClothes SmartPlastics SmartLaundry SmartCooking The news of the GE discontinuation comes just days after the company announced that its new SmartBans will no longer be available to buy and that its existing HomeSecurity products will be phased out over the next several months. 

There is a good chance that many of the HomeSecurity line’s fans will be upset that they won’t be able to find it in stores any more, but for those who bought the HomeSec products, this is not a huge deal. 

Many consumers are likely to be happy with the decision because they can no longer rely on the brand as their primary source for smart home products.

But if you want to save a little money, you can still pick up some smart home appliances from Best Buy that you might not have otherwise had the opportunity to buy.