How Janssens KLM is changing its strategy with Janssen Appliance, with plans to cut prices and offer lower-priced packages for its existing customers

Jansstens KMA has announced a dramatic move away from its old model of selling to airlines.

The airline, which has been in the market for a few years, has announced that it will no longer sell Boeing jets and Airbus A380s.

The airline said the decision came after a year of negotiations with the airlines, who have had a long relationship with JANSSTI.

The new model, dubbed the Jans-Stijnje KMA, will be available only at its new regional hub in Bordeaux, the carrier said in a statement.

“We have decided to discontinue the JANS-Stijkje KLM and to focus our resources on our core business of providing customers with the best possible value,” Jansens KNA CEO Thomas Jansmans said.

The announcement follows an initial bid from JetBlue, which initially raised $1.6 billion, according to a company filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Janssons KLM has struggled to keep up with growing demand for its jets, which it has had to raise more than $2 billion from private equity firms and government agencies.

The carrier is facing mounting costs from a wave of cancellations and delays in its fleet, as well as lawsuits alleging that its planes were not safe enough to fly.

JetBlue’s bid was not enough to keep Janses from selling off its entire fleet in 2018.

It had already closed about half of its jets by then.JANSSTENS KLM, which is owned by Swiss private equity firm LMC, announced plans to buy Jansstra’s remaining aircraft from the airline and sell it to LMC.

The carrier has said it will make its next decision at the end of the year.