What’s the best and worst thing about the Dey app for Windows 8?

With Windows 8 now shipping, Dey is launching a new, new version of its app, called Dey 3.0.

With the new app, you’ll be able to access more of your home’s data and manage your personal data, like calendars, contacts, photos, videos, photos and more.

This will allow you to save your favorite movies and music, and even take notes on the web, as well as manage your family’s home networks.

But you can’t just use this data to store data, because it’s stored on your device. 

So, what does this mean for your data?

If you have a Dey device with the new version, the app will still keep your contacts, calendars, and other important data on your devices.

But when you update to the new, third-party app, it’ll no longer have the data you want.

This means you’ll need to backup your contacts and calendar information before you can share them with anyone.

The new version will still work with older devices, but it won’t work on newer models, like the Surface Pro 3, which is only available through the Microsoft Store.

The only way to access all your contacts is through the new Dey Home app. 

It’s not a huge change, but the changes are pretty substantial. 

You can access more data and access all of your contacts through the Deys app now, but you’ll have to backup them and make them available for the Deyn app to use. 

The new app is not available for purchase, but if you’re a Windows 8 device owner, you can grab the new software directly from Microsoft. 

Read moreDey says the new third-parties app will allow users to manage the data that’s stored in their devices and to use it to share it with others. 

There are still some limitations to the third-Parties app, though.

Users can’t add new contacts, add photos to their calendar, or use any other new features that weren’t available in the DeY app.

Instead, you have to create a Deyn account to get access to those features.

Dey also has to register with Microsoft, and that’s not available to all users, and some users may need to log into their account every time they want to use the new services. 

Dey said this is the first time the third parties app has been updated to be compatible with Windows 8, but Deyn has been using it on multiple devices since the app was launched last year. 

In the meantime, if you want the latest updates and services from Dey, you need to download and install the new Windows 8 app from the Microsoft store.