Which of the best laptops can you buy today?

We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular laptops in the market, and we’ve also taken a closer look at what the most recent generation of models have in common.

The Lenovo Yoga 900 is a 12-inch laptop that has a 1,920×720 resolution display and is rated at 5,000 hours of battery life.

It’s currently priced at $1,299.00 and can be yours for $1.292929.

The Acer Aspire S5 is a 10.1-inch tablet that has an Intel Atom Z3760 processor, 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, a fingerprint reader, a microSD card slot and is available for $399.99.

The device is currently priced $399 in the US and £399.95 in the UK.

The Asus Zenbook UX510 is a 13.3-inch convertible that is available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB configurations.

The laptop has a 5,200mAh battery, a 13-inch display, a 1.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, and a 16GB of internal storage.

The Asus ZenBook UX510 also has a micro SD card slot, so you can expand your storage.

The Dell Inspiron 7 7000 is a laptop with a 2,560 x 1,440 resolution display that has been outfitted with an Intel Core M-4 processor and 64MB of RAM.

It is currently available for just $899.99 and is currently the best option for those who want to buy a tablet that can compete with the best Ultrabooks.

The HP Chromebook 13 is a 15.6-inch Chromebook with a 5.2-inch screen and 8GB of memory.

It has a 3,200 mAh battery and is priced at just $599.99 in the United States and £699.99 for the rest of the world.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5 is an 11.6″ tablet that is currently being offered for $599 in the U.S. and £649.99 worldwide.

The tablet has a 15-inch 1080p display, 128MB of memory, and is powered by an Intel HD 520 processor.

The Galaxy Tab 11.1 costs $849.99, and the Tab 10 is currently running Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The ASUS Transformer Book T10 is a new tablet that offers a 13″ 1080p screen with 512MB of storage.

It comes in both a 1TB and 2TB models, and costs $649.95 for the 1TB model and $999.95 the 2TB model.

The T10 has a 2GB RAM configuration, so if you’re looking for a tablet with more storage you can get the 2GB model for $549.95 and the 1GB model, for $799.99 respectively.

The Alienware 13 Pro is a 11.5-inch gaming laptop with an AMD Ryzen processor.

It starts at $599 and is expected to go for $999 when it launches on September 5.

The Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti is a 3D graphics card with 3GB of GDDR5 memory and comes in two configurations.

It costs $699.95 on the PC, and $1 to upgrade to a 3GB version when it comes out on September 11.

The MSI GT70X Pro is another gaming laptop that comes in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB configurations, with an Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics card.

The GT70 is available now for $899 and is running Android 7.0 Nougat.

The Logitech G10 is an ultrabook that offers up to a 1kg weight with a 10-inch 1920 x 1080 resolution display.

It can be upgraded to a 1366 x 768 display with an 8GB RAM option, and it is available from just $399 to $499 for the 1366×768 version.