Qantas to cut 100 jobs as it announces job cuts at top tier of its global workforce

A Qantab factory in Queensland will close as part of a restructuring plan aimed at reducing its global base by more than 100 employees, the carrier said on Tuesday.

The announcement follows a series of redundancies across the group, including the sale of its high-speed rail unit.

“The Qantasera business has experienced a series and growing cycles of disruption, both locally and globally,” Qantabs CEO Andrew Robb said in a statement.

“Qantas has experienced significant workforce reductions across the business and this restructuring is designed to ensure that the business is able to focus on providing exceptional customer service.”

The decision comes after Qantascan CEO Steve Waugh last year announced the group would be closing its flagship Qantasa aircraft carrier in a $2.6 billion deal with a consortium of China’s Zhejiang Group.

Mr Robb said the move to cut staff was designed to address “long-term operational and business challenges”.

“The future of Qantasi is to focus more on the customer and provide exceptional customer experience,” he said.

“We will be investing heavily in our infrastructure and manufacturing facilities in Queensland and beyond to support this.”

In the coming months we will be making further investment in our Qantasis fleet.

“Qantasca, which owns more than 10 per cent of QANTAS, has been under pressure since the end of the global financial crisis to overhaul its operations.

Earlier this year, it announced the closure of more than 2,500 jobs in China and the US as part the restructuring plan.

In February, the airline said it would be cutting about 1,200 jobs in the US and other countries as it seeks to cut costs and make more efficiencies.

In the past few months, Qantasm has been losing a host of key players, including Qantashop, a Chinese-based aviation manufacturer that was bought for $9 billion in 2013.

On Monday, QANTASCAN said it was ending its partnership with Zhehua Group, a state-owned enterprise in China.