How to find the perfect appliance rental for your home

JCPenney, which owns the popular Sears, Kmart, and other department stores chain, is getting into the rental game.

The company is starting to sell its new appliance dolls, which are small, wearable models that sit on shelves and can be rented for a fee.

The dolls have been around since the 1960s and are popular for their ability to make simple home décor look chic and stylish.

They also come with their own personalized service.

For example, the Black Beauty doll, which is available with white or pink accents, comes with a personalised makeup tutorial.

They are also sold with a custom-made box that is attached to the doll.

“The Black Beauty dolls have a soft, plush interior, so you can get that soft, comfortable feeling,” said Kristin Riddle, a brand marketing manager for JCPensney.

“They come with a personalized makeup tutorial so you have that personalized feeling.”

The dolls can be used in different ways and with different materials, such as foam, paper, wood, and fabric.

They can also be put into a variety of outfits, such like a sweater or pants, which can make it easy to swap out outfits when needed.

“They can be worn as an everyday accessory or as an add-on for any outfit,” Riddle said.

The dolly rentals are available for $150 to $200 per doll, depending on the size and the number of dolls.

“You can also use the dolls to create a new outfit with a different design or color,” she said.

If you rent a dolly doll, the rental price is included in the rental.

The rentals are also available at other locations such as Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target Home, Target Outlet,, and

The JCPersons new appliance doll rentals will be available starting Thursday.

They will be sold online at

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