Mum gives birth on motorway hard shoulder after midwife heard screams from bridge

Nicole Traynor, 28, was on her way to the hospital on New Year’s Day when she gave birth to her baby son Maverick with the help of an off-duty midwife in Scotland

A mum gave birth at the edge of a major motorway with the help of a midwife who heard her cries while out walking her dog.

Nicole Traynor, 28, was en route to the hospital on New Year’s Day when she felt the sudden urge to push.

Her dad David was driving her to hospital when her labour pains became so intense he had to pull over onto the hard shoulder of the M8 with her partner and their two-year-old daughter also in the car.

Ms Traynor, of Coatbridge, Scotland, was still sat in the passenger seat when she felt the top of her baby’s head suddenly appear.

The NHS worker, known only as Susan, sprang into action and delivered healthy baby boy Maverick David Cartwirght before the ambulance arrived.

Ms Traynor said: “The full experience was really traumatic. I was in such panic when I realised I had to push.

“I thought my dad was going to have to deliver the baby, but a woman walking past with her dog heard us and happened to be a midwife.

“My dad told her I was having a baby and she ran right down and jumped over a fence to help me.

“I was just so eternally grateful as soon as I saw her it was like an angel had come to help.”

Ms Traynor said it was fate that the midwife happened to be there at the exact same time.

She added: “I just thought I can’t do this but she told me I could and was so reassuring which helped a lot.”

Ms Traynor had begun to feel pain on the morning of New Year’s Day and decided to go to hospital when her contractions got stronger.