New eco TV remote ditches batteries and recharges with wi-fi radio waves

Samsung will unveil its new TV remote control at the showcase Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, America, on Wednesday. The product is expected to hit shelves this year

The world’s first TV remote controller that recharges itself will be unveiled tomorrow.

Instead of batteries, the gadget powers up using radio waves emitted by wi-fi routers in the home.

It never loses its charge and can also harness solar energy from indoor lights.

The Eco Remote, made from recycled plastic, will be revealed by Samsung at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

It is expected to hit shelves later this year but its price is not yet known. The gadget is part of the South Korean company’s Going Green campaign.

It said it could save 99 million batteries over seven years.

Research has found capturing radio waves to convert into energy generates enough power to run a small device.

But it is not sufficient at this time to charge a smartphone.

Also being revealed at the show is a £2,000 voice-controlled bathtub which will run a bath at a desired temperature and depth.