Baby weighing just 2lbs born eight weeks before due date on New Year’s Day

Little Nova was born miles from home in the Diana Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby at 31 weeks – eight weeks before her due date following an emergency c-section

A tiny baby weighing just 2lbs was born in the small hours of New Year’s Day, eight weeks before her due date and miles from home.

Sophie Daley-Dixon, 32, and husband Stephen Daley-Dixon, 31, welcomed their little girl Nova at 2.08am at Diana Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby.

With a due date of March 3, the last thing the couple expected was to be welcoming a baby to the world on the first day of 2022, Grimsby Live reports.

The birth took place miles from the couple’s home in Leeds, as their local hospital, Pinderfields in Wakefield, didn’t have any suitable cots available.

After being told they were being blue lighted via an ambulance to Grimsby hospital, the pair said daughter Nova has continued to shock them.

Born at 31 weeks following an emergency c-section, Nova is now being treated by the nurses and doctors at the hospital before she and her family return to Leeds.

Mum Sophie told Grimsby Live it had all been “a bit of a shock”.

She added: “The original due date was March and we’d been in and out of hospital at Pinderfields in Wakefield since December 20.

“We knew it was going to be an early birth, but we just didn’t know how early.

“I was having checks every other day to see if they could leave Nova in there as long as possible.”

The couple said they were also shocked when nurses told them they’d be having the baby over an hour away in Grimsby.

“We had everything ready to go at Pinderfields for the birth and then they told us we’d have to be moved to Grimsby,” Sophie said.

“I had to get changed into different clothes and we were blue lighted here.

“We’d never been here before so it was strange for this to be our first time in the area.

“It was even more of a shock when we had her as we didn’t know the sex before I gave birth.

“She’s shocking us more and more everyday and she’s only two days old.

“I think she’s amazed everyone with how well she’s doing too as she’s already been moved up a ward because of how much progress she’s making.”

The couple said it was ‘mental’ to think they are actually mum and dad to Nova, but are enjoying spending these first few days with her.

Sophie added: “We’re enjoying being next to her and we love spending as much time as we possibly can with her.”

With Covid restrictions still in place, it has only been Stephen and Sophie who have been allowed to be with Nova.

Stephen said: “We’ve quite enjoyed it just being us two really.

“It can be too much hassle with other people about, but our family at home are really excited to see her when we get back to Pinderfields.

“We keep face timing and calling them, but it is nice to have a bit more peace.

“The nurses have been amazing though, we can’t thank them enough.”