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  • How to use the new F-Series appliances

    We love the F-series of kitchen appliances.It’s so convenient, so versatile, and so affordable.We love it so much that we decided to test its versatility.But we don’t have a dishwasher.What can you do with a dishwashing sink?For this test, we took out a whole pot of beans and cooked the beans in the sink.Then, we […]

  • Sam’s Club Appliances review

    Sam’s club appliance retailer Sam’s has launched a new, exclusive model called the Sam’s Classic.The Sam’s model is an all-in-one model that includes a full-sized microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, coffee maker, and a sink.It also comes with a free Sam’s membership card, which is good for $199 per year.Sam’s also announced a new sam’s gift card […]

  • How to find the best appliances to replace

    You might have noticed that your old fridge or freezer is getting a lot of love in your kitchen.You can use this list of retro kitchen appliances to find a great replacement for your fridge or icebox, but don’t worry, this list is far from exhaustive.We’re not going to tell you which appliances will work […]

  • How a £10,000 camera could help save lives

    A camera could be used to help save people’s lives in a remote area of the world, the creators of a prototype have said.A team at the University of Bath in the UK has developed an eye-tracking camera that can measure the speed of a moving object and send that information back to a smartphone […]

  • Why is the world of appliances so slow?

    If you’re an average Joe, you probably don’t own a refrigerator, a freezer, or a dryer, but you do own an appliance.And you probably spend a lot of time watching TV, too.As the number of people who do own these types of appliances continues to grow, they’re increasingly becoming a must-have.In fact, more than 90 […]

  • How Dell appliances, software, and parts company Dell Appliances is suing Amazon for allegedly stealing intellectual property and violating its trademark in a bid to compete with Amazon’s cloud computing platform.

    Dell Appliance, a hardware manufacturer and software maker, is seeking unspecified damages and unspecified injunctive relief, the company told the Washington Post in a filing on Monday.Dell Appliants is also seeking unspecified injunctions and damages for breach of contract, trademark infringement, breach of warranty, breach, and breach of implied warranty.In an official statement to Business […]

  • Black Stainless Appliances in 2018

    The latest cooking appliances to get a look at, the latest black stainless appliances to hit the market and more are in our shopping guide.Read more of our cooking appliances 2018 guide.A new entry in the kitchen appliance market, the Black Stainless Kitchen Appliance is a stainless steel appliance designed to be used in the […]

  • New ‘Smart’ home app launches for the menards appliance doctor

    The menards app is being launched by an app company that aims to provide healthcare professionals with access to a free service that can help them manage their health and keep track of their family’s finances.It is one of several new products being rolled out to doctors as part of a $1 billion investment in […]


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