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  • Home Depot is selling some of its most popular appliances

    Home Depot announced Tuesday that it has sold some of the most popular Viking appliances, like the Coleman stove, to Home Depot customers.The appliance manufacturer said that Home Depot sold a total of 11,726 Viking appliances from 2007 to 2016. Home Depot, which also has a number of other Viking brands, announced the sale of the […]

  • How to get the best buy appliances for your home

    The best buy products and services for your new home can be found on Amazon.The company is an increasingly popular choice for homebuyers looking to buy a new home.For those looking to get more bang for their buck, though, you might want to check out the big name brands like GE, which is a big […]

  • New York City’s new store is so big it could fit two people

    New York’s first appliance store that is so large it could accommodate two people has opened.The Manhattan-based Home Goods has been eyeing the location on Madison Avenue since January and has been selling appliances, furniture and even a mobile home for a year, the Wall Street Journal reported. The new store, which will open in early […]

  • Which of the above AMI appliances will you buy?

    The first thing you notice about the AARON appliances is the size of their footprint.AMI’s first model, the AMI AMI 2, was smaller than the company’s existing AMI AARONS line, which came with three AAROS appliances.The AMI 4, a successor to the AMIs AAROROS line, was significantly bigger than the previous two.Both the ARAX and […]

  • How to get the best deals on appliances from appliance manufacturers

    General Electric (GE) is offering to rent a home-kitchen appliance from brands including Amazon (AMZN) and Amazon Prime, if you’re a loyal customer.In a letter to customers, GE said that the offer will expire at midnight on Thursday, and the retailer is offering the discounted price for up to one year.The offer is available for […]

  • Home appliance repair services can be a hassle

    A home appliance repair company can cost as much as $3,000 per month to maintain, according to a recent report by the National Association of Home Appliance Repairs.But it can be as simple as a quick glance at the appliance repair website, which is why a few people are looking to make a quick investment […]

  • How to fix an old TV, computer, or appliance that’s a little too small

    Small appliances are becoming a bigger problem as people grow more frugal and start saving up for bigger appliances.A recent study by the Consumer Technology Association found that households that spend more than $400 a year on an appliance or computer spent $9.6 billion less on other household items in 2017.But if you’re an appliance […]

  • How to cook a super-sized steak with the same care as a small one

    Best appliances and home remedies can help you cook a steak super-size.And with the right cooking technique, they can also make your dinner super-chewy.This article was originally published on March 1, 2018.Read moreA steak is a very fine cut of meat that comes in different lengths and sizes.The meat is typically divided into small, medium, […]

  • New report: USDA tests foods on their potential impact on human health

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture says it’s testing a new food-safety test designed to assess the potential for human exposure to potentially harmful foods, and it’s taking public comment for approval.The test, called a Food Quality Monitoring System, or FQMS, is being tested in a lab at the Agriculture Department’s National Institute of Food and […]


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